Conference Agenda

The agenda for the day will look key issues in Student Housing Investment Markets

8.30am Pre Conference Networking Session
  • Delegates arrive from 8:30am when an informal breakfast is provided, and a chance to network with other attendees, before the conference starts at 9:30am
9.30am Morning Session
  • Chairman’s Welcome & Introduction – where are we with Student Housing Property Investment?
  • Where does Student Housing fit with the wider spectrum of rented residential and other property asset classes and how is it performing?
  • How has the sector been affected by rising interest rates?
  • How is the Student Housing sector adjusting to the growth in ESG requirements?
  • Where are the real growth markets across Europe and which markets are now fully mature?
  • Understanding the Evolution of Student Housing as a Global Property Asset Class
  • Where do the UK & European Markets fit into the overall picture?
  • Where are the similarities & differences with UK & European markets?
  • Is Co-Living a natural evolution of the product across Europe?
  • The UK Student Housing Market in 2024 – where are the key opportunity areas over the next 5 years and how is the market evolving?
  • What are the key transactions in the UK Market and what do these tell us about where the market is heading?
  • What is happening with UK Rents, Values, & Opportunity areas?
  • Which UK Cities now represent real value and why is there so much demand for UK stock in the current market?
  • Which universities are going to see the highest demand and which towns and cities will require more supply?
  • UK Student Housing Panel – what is the future of the UK Market?
  • Where do operators and investors see the market evolving?
  • With planning challenges, rising build costs, and an increasing cost of borrowing, are there now concerns about the viability of UK Development?
  • How is planning affecting the UK Student Housing market?
  • How important is ESG and sustainability with each portfolio and how can we repurpose existing stock to meet modern environmental targets?
  • Why is the HMO market an opportunity area and how is this sector becoming more professional?
  • What kind of stock will the UK market demand in coming years in terms of build, design and amenities?
  • Where are the key opportunity areas moving forward, looking both at location and also at the product? Do operators plan to evolve into other markets as well as students?
11.20am Coffee & Networking Session
11.50am Middle Conference Session
  • Investment in the Student Housing Sector – what has happened with transactions in the last year, who is involved and what do we expect in the next 12 months?
  • How do Investors see the Student Housing Property Market
  • Why is ESG now so important and how is it affecting investment decisions?
  • What are their aspirations in terms of size of portfolios & where do they see the opportunities Geographically?
  • How do they view the UK, Europe and Potential Global Markets?
  • Where do we see the product and service evolving and is there now a big opportunity to diversify and serve other markets other than students?
  • How do Investors view the Student Housing Market in the long-term sense and where do they see the growth?
  • How do they feel the sector can best be supported and what approach are they taking?
  • Is Rental Living a natural progression for those investing & Operating in Student Property?
  • Debt in the Student Housing Sector
  • How do the lenders view the Student Housing Market?
  • What has been the impact on increasing interest rates and how do we think this will evolve in the coming months and years?
  • What kind of deals are lenders now looking for and where?
1.00pm Networking Lunch Session for Speakers & Attendees
2.00pm Afternoon Conference Session
  • Analysing the current state of the market & the role of HMOs and PBSA in capacity
  • Understanding affordability and demand for each in an inflationary environment
  • What has changed with HMOs and why are they now seen an investment grade opportunity?
  • How aligned are supply and demand growth and what impact is this having on occupancy?
  • Understanding what Gen Z are really looking for and what matters to them
  • How can the sector adapt to deliver what the modern customer wants?
  • Technology, Sustainability, Community, Wellbeing & Affordability – where do these factors fit in and what is needed?
  • Looking at recent rent rises – how do these compare with previous rises?
  • Is the picture uniform or are there differences across the UK?
  • Is there any impact in the cities which received high media coverage for a shortage of accommodation last year?
  • What could the impact on cities with above index inflation be?
  • How can the University Sector & Private Sector work together to deliver modern, fit for purpose facilities, that prioritise Student Wellbeing and ESG as a whole?
  • How has the operation of Student Accommodation evolved and how is the sector approaching inflation and the increasing costs of living?
  • What kind of measures can we put in place to improve the Student Experience and take the best care of their wellbeing, both in the short and longer term?
  • How can technology and innovation help with this and what kind of ideas are we seeing?
  • What kind of Partnership Opportunities will be prevalent between Universities and Private Sector Operators & Investors to deliver both a best in class product and service?
  • Where are the partnership Opportunities with Universities and how can they be developed?
  • What should universities be offering in terms of design for Student Accommodation?
  • How is planning now perceived and how should this be approached?
  • Understanding Continental European Markets – where is performing and where are we seeing the strongest growth?
  • Which markets are now the most mature and where are the real opportunity markets?
  • What has been happening with market activity across Europe and who are the key players?
  • Where are the opportunities on the ground and what kind of business models and JVs are being used in Europe?
  • Where are the new emerging markets?
  • European Markets Panel Session – Where are the opportunities in Mainland Europe?
  • Why is Europe continuing to grow in popularity?
  • Where are the new opportunity markets in Europe?
  • Have development economics around debt, construction costs and utilities costs impacted some markets more than others?
  • Where in particular is proving attractive for Investors and how much of a priority is ESG in Europe?
  • How do Continental Markets view the link between Student Housing and Build to Rent/Co-Living?
  • How mature is the market and what are reasonable growth projections?
  • What the investors are doing and where are they putting their money?
  • Closing remarks from the Chair
4.30pm Close & 2023 Student Housing Industry Drinks Reception for Speakers and Attendees