• The leading players in the sector from across Europe & Globally expected on 22nd September for the Annual Student Conference
  • Key players in Student Housing Property will join 22nd September event

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Student Housing 2020

The leading players in the sector expected in London on 22nd September for the Annual Student Conference

Student Housing

The 11th Annual National Student Housing Conference returns on 22nd September...

Student Housing Conference

Record numbers expected for Student Housing 2020 on 22nd May #LDEStudent


The 11th Annual Student Housing Conference - UK, Europe and Global Markets

Tuesday 22nd September 2020 - Online Virtual Event

Student Housing  - Futureproofing & Opportunities

Join hundreds of the Leading Players in the market at this hugely popular Conference as we discuss how the sector is emerging from the pandemic and what we can expect in the next academic year, and as investment activity begins to ramp up again, how different markets are coping. 

The goal for the day will be to discuss how the sector has evolved in the last six months, understanding the operational challenges and how they have been overcome, and how we the sector can reset and build a prosperous future in the coming months and years. Lots of opportunities are now emerging - we look at where.

Secondly, we shall look at Futureproofing Student Housing as a market - what to build, how to make it sustainable, best practice for student welfare, how to build the right relationships with institutions and investors, grad living and other emerging business models

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Conference Timetable


International Student movement and the fundamental role it plays in the Student Accommodation Property Market – what have we seen in recent years and how has it evolved?
Understanding the movement of Foreign Students travelling to the UK, Europe and Western Universities – 2020 v a normal academic year
How are Chinese, Asian and Middle Eastern Students reacting to the pandemic and what are we going to see this Autumn?
What are they booking in terms of accommodation and how does this differ to a normal year?
Does the desire to study abroad ultimately override concern about the pandemic and how it effects normal Student life, certainly in the longer term?
Luke Nolan, Founder & CEO, Student.com


How has investment interest returned to the Student Housing Sector and who is in the market?
What is the current investor sentiment and what markets are they looking at?
What has gone through and what kind of transactional volumes do we expect before the end of the year and into 2021?
When do we expect the investment market for Student Housing in the UK, Europe and Globally to return to normal levels?
Student Housing – Resilient but not invulnerable. What are the vulnerabilities and how do you mitigate?
When is the time to bring assets to the market and why is there no discounting?
Will the effects of Coronavirus be felt in the longer term and could the Global higher education market change?
Philip Hillman, Chairman – Living Capital Markets, JLL 


A Chat with the Banks
How do the lenders view the Student Housing Market?
How do they feel the sector can best be supported and what approach are they taking?
What are they looking for and where do they see things long term?
Mark Quigley, Managing Director, Beaufort Capital
Mark Bladon, Structured Property Finance, Investec
Kieran Redford, Corporate Banking, AIB
Philip Hillman, Chairman – Living Capital Markets, JLL (Chair)

A Chat with the Investors
How do Investors see the Student Housing Property Market now and moving forward?
What are the current strategies and how far into the future are they looking?
Where are the key opportunity areas?
Sean McKeown, Managing Director, Arlington Advisors
Adell Nair-Grepinet, Vice President, Mapletree
Nicky Barker, Director – Real Estate, KKR
Richard Spencer, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Philip Hillman, Chairman – Living Capital Markets, JLL (Chair)

Conference Break

Making Sense of the A-Level results fiasco and what it means for the sector
What will be the effects of this for Universities in the UK?
Nick Hillman, Director, Higher Education Policy Institute

How have UK Universities reacted to Covid and what are the differing approaches to teaching, attendance and socialising?
How have students reacted to this?
Which policies and approaches have proved the most popular with students?
Paul Humphreys, Founder & CEO StudentCrowd 

Followed by panel session on the future of the UK Market
The UK Student Housing Market – how resilient will it be & where are the key opportunity areas over the next 10 years?
Understanding how to Build a Large-Scale UK Student Housing Portfolio and Brand
How much interest is there in the UK from those looking to diversify from Student Housing into a Grad Living or Co Living product?
What is happening with UK Rents, Values, & Opportunity areas?
How concerned should UK operators be about the evolving UK Planning system?
Where are the next big opportunities in the UK & where is the future growth?
What cities and locations are most of interest?
How key are partnerships with Universities moving forward and how should these be approached?
Nick Hayes, Group Property Director, Unite Students
Nathan Goddard, CEO, Student Roost
Sarah Jones, Partner, Cushman & Wakefield
Martin Hadland, Founder & Managing Director, Student First Group (Chair)

Conference Lunch Break

Changing operational realities and preparing for the future
How have operations changed across Europe and where do we see them going?
What operating costs will increase and to what kind of levels?
Will increases such as enhanced cleaning dramatically affect yields and lead to inevitable rent increases?
How badly have incomes taken a hit and how will this evolve moving forward?
Do we think students will turn up in the Autumn and in the longer term does strong demand mean the sector will recover quickly?
What differences to operation have we noticed across different European Countries?
What real long term changes, if any, do we see to Student Housing operations and how significant will they be?
Will new flexible tenancies now be the norm and how can the industry adapt?
Charlie MacGregor, CEO & Founder, The Student Hotel
Brian Welsh, Chief Executive Officer, Nido Student
Heriberto Cuanalo, Chief Executive, Collegiate
Martin Hadland, Founder & Managing Director, Student First Group (Chair)

Looking across Europe – how are different political and operator approaches affecting the Continental European Student Housing Markets?
What differences are we seeing in different Countries and which are most affected?
Which Countries are the most resilient?
Do we see any dramatic changes in the next two years and if so where?
Samuel Vetrak, CEO, Bonard


Envisaging the Student Accommodation of the future – design, sustainability and technology
How do we build modern sustainable stock to suit the future market?
Where do modern methods of construction fit in?
How do we ensure the sector is environmentally conscious & sustainable in the long term?
What changes to the design process will be prompted by Covid and will flexibility of accommodation now be paramount?
Nick Riley, Board Director - Head of Student Housing, Whittam Cox Architects

Questions for Samuel and Nick
Martin Hadland, Founder & Managing Director, Student First Group (Chair)

How has the pandemic affected applications, acceptances and deferrals and where are we now?
What have we learned and how different will things look in the next two academic years?
Sarah Barr Miller, Head of Insight Sales, UCAS Media

What will the new Covid world look like for Students in this academic year and what does this mean for Student Welfare?
What practical changes are in place and what will this mean for the overall experience?
Rebecca O'Hare, Head of Partnerships & Resident Experience, Student First Group

Followed by a discussion panel:
How have the Universities responded to the pandemic, the A Level results issue and changing Government Guidelines and how does it affect their future plans?
What does this mean for the overall business model?
Will fundamental changes be required in the longer term?
How crucial is Government support and what is needed?
Will hybrid and distance learning become more commonplace?
Jane Donachy, Associate Director of Catering, Retail and Accommodation Services at the University of the Arts, London
Ben Stuart, Director - Residential and Business Services, University of St Andrews
John Plumridge, Director of Estates & Facilities, Birmingham City University
Martin Hadland, Founder & Managing Director, Student First Group (Chair)

The US Market in 2020 – how has the American market been affected in recent months and where is it now?
What have been the regional similarities and differences?
What are the similarities & differences between the US & other Global Markets?
What is the US Operator view of other international markets?
How do You Build a truly Global Student Accommodation Portfolio & Brand?
Is a Global Portfolio the real long-term opportunity?
Where do the EMEA, Pacific, and US Markets fit into the overall jigsaw?
Bill Bayless, CEO, American Campus Communities
Ryan Lang, Vice Chairman, Newmark Knight Frank
Martin Hadland, Founder & Managing Director, Student First Group (Chair)

Closing remarks from chair



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