• The leading players in the sector from across Europe & Globally expected on 12th May for the Annual Student Conference
  • Record numbers expected From across the UK & Europe for Student Housing 2020 on 12th May

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Student Housing 2020

The leading players in the sector expected in London on 12th May for the Annual Student Conference

Student Housing

The 11th Annual National Student Housing Conference returns on 12th May.....

Student Housing Conference

Record numbers expected for Student Housing 2020 on 12th May #LDEStudent


The 11th Annual Student Housing Conference - UK, Europe and Global Markets

Tuesday 12th May 2020 - De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden

Student Housing  - Futureproofing & Opportunities

The Annual Conference for the leading players in the Student Housing Sector:

  • Returning for an 11th Year, at a superb venue in Covent Garden London, with 600 Delegates attending
  • Organised by LD Events, the European Market leader for ‘Alternative Residential’ Property Conferences
  • Join hundreds of the leading players in Student Accommodation Property
  • A thorough analysis of Student Housing as an international investment class, looking at the key issues in the UK and Global markets
  • A Look at Future Opportunities in the Sector Globally
  • High level networking opportunities with hundreds of the leading players in the Sector from across the UK, Europe and Worldwide

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Conference Timetable


9.30am - Morning Conference Session - Includes Networking Coffee Break

What really matters in the Student Housing Market in 2018 & how is it Performing?

Where should the market be looking for the next big opportunity areas?

A Look at what is really going on in the UK Market – Where are rents and how are they structured?

Where are the trends, what are the regional differences and where are the opportunity areas for investors?

Where in the market both Geographically and terms of the Student Population is there need for more Capacity? What should those investing be looking at?

Student Numbers - What challenges face a Modern university when it comes to attracting students in a more competitive market

Looking to the Future – What will the Modern Student & University be looking for in Accommodation?

What will matter in design, delivery, pricepoint & facilities if we look forward 5 & 10 years?

What will be essential, what will be desirable and what will be luxury?

What kind of Partnership Opportunities will be prevalent between Universities and Private Sector Operators & Investors?

Where are the partnership Opportunities with Universities and How can they be developed?

The Investment Session - Outlook for the UK, Europe & Beyond

Where are Investors looking and where is the priority?

What are the key deals in the current market and who are the players?

Where are we with Institutional Investment & Private Equity?

Is Europe becoming more attractive and where in particular?

Is it really the next big opportunity area and how big is the market?

Is the Market mature enough and how realistic are its’ growth projections realistic?

Who are the new buyers, where and what are they looking for and why?

What is happening with the Capital Markets and where is the money coming from?

What opportunities are now available to investors with Student Housing Internationally?

Mainland European Investment Opportunities – what are the practical, political & cultural issues?

What the investors are doing and where they are putting their money both in UK & Europe

Understanding Continental European Student Housing Markets in more detail  - how are they growing & evolving?

How should Investors approach different European Markets & where do these markets fit?

What can Student Accommodation Providers learn from the Asia Pacific Markets?

Looking at the Relationship between the UK, Europe and Other International Student Housing Markets.

Looking at Current Build Costs in Student Housing – Where does it leave development Viability?

How to keep control of these costs and get your viability and planning right

The different innovative modes of construction that are emerging for Student Housing

How do we Futureproof the Sector?

What technology and build techniques are now vital to succeed?

The London Plan – what does this new piece of legislation mean for Student Housing Development in London?

Understanding exactly what will change

Nomination agreements – how important is this?

What will ‘Student Affordable Housing’ really mean?

Where does Student Housing fit in with the Sui Generis planning class and how is this relevant?

How can developers and investors in the London market prepare and work with the legislation?

How might this spread to other cities across the UK?

What is the precedent for the regional adoption of policies from the London plan?

1.30pm - Networking Lunch Session for Speakers & Attendees

2.30pm - Afternoon Conference Session

The Merging of the PRS, Micro Living & the Student Housing Products - what opportunities does this provide for Investors?

Where does Student now fit in with PRS, Micro Living and Retirement Living Property?

Are we seeing the merging of Alternative Residential Asset Classes when it comes to Investment and where does this fit in the UK & Europe?

Is Student Housing just one part of an Alternative Residential portfolio and where are the similarities in valuation, investment & Planning?

What is transferable in terms of operation and are Student Operators well placed to enter the market for other Residential Alternative Asset Classes?

What is really happening with the PRS sector in the UK – where are the opportunities and where are the difficulties?

Does a mixed use scheme of Student & Other Residential make sense and if so, where?

Does the European model set a strong example of why it works?

Making Your Assets Viable & Profitable in a Competitive Market

Understanding why good design & robust cost management and control are so important in the market, particularly when rental growth is flat.

The growth of branded and hospitality led living environments – why are these so important?

Development of sustainable design in the sector.

The link between value and operational & management costs

Designing the right accommodation & communal areas to make the product truly desirable in a competitive market

The Importance of Flexible and Complimentary Workspace

Why there an opportunity for commercial space and local economic benefit in traditionally Student Builds?

How are Communal Areas and Amenities evolving and why is delivering the very best so important?

What Student Housing products are we seeing emerging in the current market? Are ‘Two-dios’ and Budget Accommodation more of an opportunity area?

Running Costs and Asset Management Costs

Looking at the current costs in Student Housing and how to manage them efficiently – staff costs, repairs and maintenance, services, management & marketing

What level of management do Investors actually require?

Is operational management enough or do they require more sophisticated Asset Management

How does an operator distinguish between what a Student considers essential and what they consider desirable and how do they make this cost effective?


4.30pm - Close and Networking Drinks Reception for speakers and attendees





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This event is also eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit 

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