• The leading players in the sector from across Europe & Globally expected on 12th May for the Annual Student Conference
  • Record numbers expected From across the UK & Europe for Student Housing 2020 on 12th May

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Student Housing 2020

The leading players in the sector expected in London on 12th May for the Annual Student Conference

Student Housing

The 11th Annual National Student Housing Conference returns on 12th May.....

Student Housing Conference

Record numbers expected for Student Housing 2020 on 12th May #LDEStudent


The 11th Annual Student Housing Conference - UK, Europe and Global Markets

Tuesday 12th May 2020 - De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden

Student Housing  - Futureproofing & Opportunities

The Annual Conference for the leading players in the Student Housing Sector:

  • Returning for an 11th Year, at a superb venue in Covent Garden London, with 600 Delegates attending
  • Organised by LD Events, the European Market leader for ‘Alternative Residential’ Property Conferences
  • Join hundreds of the leading players in Student Accommodation Property
  • A thorough analysis of Student Housing as an international investment class, looking at the key issues in the UK and Global markets
  • A Look at Future Opportunities in the Sector Globally
  • High level networking opportunities with hundreds of the leading players in the Sector from across the UK, Europe and Worldwide

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Conference Timetable


9.30am – Morning Session – includes networking coffee break

  • Chairman’s Welcome & Introduction – where are we with Student Housing Property Investment?
  • A Growing Market – Student Accommodation as a Global Property Asset Class
  • Where are the growth markets & is it now truly Global?
  • Where do Asian, African, Pacific & American Continental markets sit?
  • What will happen to the Global Markets in the next 5-10 years & where are the key investments?
  • Where is the opportunity Globally & how difficult are international markets to access?
  • Understanding the evolving opportunity in Student Housing Globally
  • How do You Build a truly Global Student Accommodation Portfolio & Brand?
    What are the next big regions and Countries for the International Investors and Operators to Look at?
  • Is a Global Portfolio the real long term opportunity?
  • Where do the EMEA, Pacific, and US Markets fit into the jigsaw?
  • Is there a natural evolution from Student Housing into Co-Living & will Student Housing Operators increase involvement in this market?
  • Investor Panel Session
    How do Investors see the Student Housing Property Market?
    What are their aspirations in terms of size of portfolios?
    Where do they see the opportunities Geographically?
    Do they prefer to focus on a specific location or Country?
  • What is the investor viewpoint on Cladding & how can this be overcome?
    How do they view the UK, Europe and Potential Global Markets?
    How do Investors view the Student Housing Market in the long term sense and where do they see the growth?
    What is the link with Co-Living and Build to Rent and how do investors view these markets?
    Is Co-Living a natural progression for those investing & Operating in Student Property?
  • Examining the Investment Money Coming into Student Housing – where is it coming from?
    Looking at the Global flows of Capital into Real Estate and what it means for UK & European Student Accommodation
    What are the key deals and who are the key players – where is the money coming from?
  • The UK Student Housing Market in 2019 – where are the key opportunity areas over the next 5 years?
  • What are the key transactions in the UK Market and what do these tell us about where the market is heading?
    What is happening with UK Rents, Values, & Opportunity areas?
    Where are the trends, what are the regional differences and where are the opportunity areas for investors?
  • How much interest is there in the UK from those looking to diversify from Student Housing into a Grad Living product?
  • Is this a logical direction of travel?
  • The Future of UK Student Housing Stock
  • How can the first generation of purpose-built student accommodation stock evolve to survive?
  • How can it be kept contemporary or is it the new more affordable Student Option?
  • Could it potentially be evolved into other tenures as an option to investors?
  • Where do off-site & viability fit in?
  • What is the sensible way to deal with cladding?
  • Panel Session on the UK Student Housing Market
  • Understanding how to Build a Large-Scale UK Student Housing Portfolio and Brand
  • What is required in terms of Operation and Investment Management when it comes to a larger portfolio?
  • Where are the next big opportunities in the UK & where is the future growth?
  • What cities and locations are of interest?
  • How do we identify the next Student Housing Site for new development?
  • Where does Student Housing sit in planning terms and how can frustrations be overcome?
  • How does the planning system need to evolve?
  • Is Viability becoming more and more difficult on new Student Housing in the UK & how can this be dealt with?
  • Is evolving to provide a Grad Living or Co Living product really of interest to UK Student Housing Providers?
  • What is the future potential of Student Accommodation at different price points?
  • How are design and construction methods evolving?
  • Where do we stand with off-site manufacture and modern methods of construction?
  • How can operators keep new product relevant & contemporary?
  • How can the industry deal with buildings that have cladding and how big a worry is it?
  • Looking at Co-Living and what is really happening – how can we understand the real potential & it’s relationship with Student Housing?
  • What is available across Europe and Globally?
  • What works and where is the model going – what is the potential scale and what are the limitations?
  • Where does Co-Living work and where are the logical progression opportunities for Student Operators in the UK and across Europe?
  • Understanding the similarities and differences between Student Housing, Co Living and Build to Rent
  • How to Build a Space & Brand to add real value to Student Accommodation
  • How can we Futureproof what is delivered & ensure it is relevant?



Networking Lunch Session

2.30pm – Afternoon Conference Session

  • How are the Continental European Markets Performing?
  • What are the key deals being done?
  • Understanding Continental European Student Housing Markets in more detail  - how are they growing & evolving?
  • What is happening in the established markets?
    Looking in detail at the Eastern Europe and the Scandinavian Markets
  • Where are the opportunity areas in these markets and what is happening?
  • Which Regions and Cities in these evolving markets are the real opportunity areas?
  • How do these opportunities compare with those in more established Continental Student Housing Markets?
  • European Panel Session
    Why is Continental Europe continuing to grow in popularity?
  • Where are the new opportunity markets in Europe?
  • Where is particular is proving attractive in Investors?
    How do Continental Markets view the link between Student Housing and Build to Rent/Co-Living?
    How do they link these two products?
  • Is the Market mature enough and how realistic are its’ growth projections realistic?
  • What the investors are doing and where they are putting their money both in Europe?
  • Understanding Continental European Student Housing Markets in more detail - how are they growing & evolving and what are the political and cultural considerations?
  • The Future of Student Accommodation
  • What is happening with Student application numbers & is Brexit a factor?
  • What other international political & social issues are factors for the market?
  • The impact of the right operator on student opinion & rebooking – when investments change hands what are the effects?
  • How do we confront the privacy paradox with Student Housing and what is in the Students best interests? How should operators and investors approach this?
  • How can PBSA partners help prepare Students for a complex world?
  • Is a hybrid Student Accommodation & Co Living Model actually an opportunity, if designed & managed well, to prepare young people for life and ease them into the next phase of adulthood?
  • Where is the value for this in terms of student wellbeing?
  • With lots of conversations about Student Wellbeing, how much has actually been done, and what innovations can really deal with this issue?
  • Understanding the impact of Student Wellbeing from an investment point of view.
  • Blurring of boundaries between living and learning environments
  • How will the Sector promote innovators and disruptors and what ideas do we have?
  • Striking the balance on affordability: Which matters more – Cost v Facilities
  • Do we see a move towards Continental English speaking Universities?
  • What are the other notable trends?
  • What will matter in design, delivery, pricepoint & facilities if we look forward 5 years?
  • What kind of Partnership Opportunities will be prevalent between Universities and Private Sector Operators & Investors?
  • Where are the partnership Opportunities with Universities and how can they be developed?



Close & Networking Drinks Reception






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This event is also eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit 

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