• The leading players in the sector from across Europe expected on 15th May for the Annual Student Conference
  • Record numbers expected From across the UK & Europe for Student Housing 2018 on 15th May

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The 9th Annual Student Housing Conference - UK, Europe and Worldwide

Tuesday 15th May 2018 - De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden

Student Housing  - Futureproofing & Opportunities

The Annual Conference for the leading players in the Student Housing Sector:

  • Returning for an 9th Year, at a superb venue in Covent Garden London, with capacity for 700 Delegates
  • Organised by LD Events, the European Market leader for ‘Alternative Residential’ Property Conferences
  • Join hundreds of the leading players in Student Accommodation Property
  • A thorough analysis of Student Housing as an international investment class, looking at the key issues in the UK and European Markets, plus worldwide markets.
  • A Look at Future Opportunities in the Sector
  • High level networking opportunities with hundreds of the leading players in the Sector from across the UK, Europe and Worldwide

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Conference Timetable


Chairman’s Welcome & Introduction – where are we with Student Housing Property Investment?
Bob Crompton, Chief Executive, Three Sixty Developments

Examining the Investment Money Coming into Student Housing – where is it coming from?
Looking at the Global flows of Capital into Real Estate and what it means for UK & European Student Accommodation
What are the key deals and who are the key players?
What markets and portfolios are of particular interest to investors in the current market and what are they looking for?
Where are we with Institutional Investment, Private Equity & Senior Debt?
What new money is coming into the sector?
Philip Hillman, Director, Head of Student Housing & Higher Education, JLL
Joe Guilfoyle, Head of Corporate Finance, Savills

Investor Panel Session
How do Investors see the Student Housing Property Market?
What are their aspirations in terms of size of portfolios?
Where do they see the opportunities Geographically?
Do they prefer to focus on a specific location or Country?
How do they view the UK, Europe and Potential Global Markets?
How do Investors view the Student Housing Market in the long term sense and where do they see the growth?
What is the link with Co-Living and Build to Rent and how do investors view these markets?
Is Co-Living a natural progression for those investing & Operating in Student Property?
Alexander Knapp, Managing Director, Hines UK
Sean McKeown, Managing Director, Arlington Advisors
Chris Semones, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs
Tim Butler, Founder & Chief Strategist, Student Roost
Bob Crompton, Chief Executive, Three Sixty Developments (Chair)

The UK Student Housing Market in 2018
What is happening with UK Rents, Values, & Opportunity areas?
Why is there still such big interest in the UK market and which Towns and Cities are particularly strong?
Where are the trends, what are the regional differences and where are the opportunity areas for investors?
James Pullan, Partner, Head of Student Property, Knight Frank

Questions for James

Coffee & Networking Session

Understanding the Key Elements of the London Plan Changes and what they mean for those Investing and Operating in London
What is the status of the draft and how might this tally with final policy?
What is the planning relationship between Student and Sui Generis in Planning Terms and what is the significance of this policy?
How might the new potential London Policy filter out to the regions if successful?
Do planning changes such as this tend to spread to other locations?
Iain Gilbey, Partner – Head of Planning, Pinsent Masons

How does a Modern University see the PBSA Market & how do they view it going forward?

What will matter in design, delivery, pricepoint & facilities if we look forward 5 years?

What will be essential, what will be desirable and what will be luxury from the University perspective?

Looking at the UK, European & Global Political & Economic Context – What might this mean for Student Housing & Student Numbers?

What is the potential impact of Brexit on flows of Students across Europe

Where are the Partnership Opportunities between Universities and Private Sector Operators & Investors & How Can these be developed?

How can such deals work and what is needed from both parties?

Where are the partnership Opportunities with Universities and how can they be developed?
What was the London University reaction to the draft London Plan and how do other Universities and Private Sector partners view this direction of travel?

Jane Donachy, Associate Director for Catering, Retail & Accommodation Services, University of the Arts London

Dr Paul Marshall, Business Development Director, University Partnerships Programme (UPP)
Obi Okwuadigbo, Managing Director for Group Accommodation, Coventry University
Dr Ghazwa Alwani-Starr, Director of Property and Facilities Management, University of London

Martin Hadland, Commercial Director, Campus Living Villages
Bob Crompton, Chief Executive, Three Sixty Developments (Chair)

How are the Continental European Markets Performing?

Understanding Continental European Student Housing Markets in more detail  - how are they growing & evolving?

Where are the Opportunity Markets in Europe?
Looking in detail at Italy, Eastern Europe and the Scandinavian Markets

Where are the opportunity areas in these markets and what is happening?

Which Regions and Cities in these evolving markets are the real opportunity areas?

How do these opportunities compare with those in more established Continental Student Housing Markets?
Samuel Vetrak, CEO, StudentMarketing


Followed by European Panel Session at 12.40pm
Why is Continental Europe continuing to grow in popularity?

Where are the new opportunity markets in Europe?

Where is particular is proving attractive in Investors?
How do Continental Markets view the link between Student Housing and Build to Rent/Co-Living?
How do they link these two products?

Is the Market mature enough and how realistic are its’ growth projections realistic?

What the investors are doing and where they are putting their money both in Europe?

Understanding Continental European Student Housing Markets in more detail  - how are they growing & evolving and what are the political and cultural considerations?
Daniel Gorzawski, Managing Director - Head of Europe, Harrison Street

Rainer Nonnengässer, Chief Executive Officer, MPC Micro Living Development GmbH

Stuart Osborn, Director – EMEA Student Housing, JLL
Samuel Vetrak, CEO, StudentMarketing
Bob Crompton, Chief Executive, Three Sixty Developments (Chair)


Networking Lunch Session for Speakers & Attendees


Understanding the similarities and differences between Student Housing, Co Living and Build to Rent

Is Student Housing just one part of Private Rented Sector or Alternative Residential portfolio and where are the similarities in investment?
How much overlap is there between those operating in these markets?

What Build to Rent & Co-Living opportunities are there for Student Operators and how do we see this growing?

Jacqui Daly, Director, Savills 



Futureproofing student living – how can operators plan and prepare for the Future Market?

What will the sector look like in 5-10 years from now?

Proptech – the growing impact of technology – what is out there and what really matters?

How important is Technology to the Management of Student Housing stock and what is available?

The importance of future design flexibility – where do modern constructions methods fit?

Blurring of boundaries between living and learning environments

Will Student Housing become less defined as an Asset Class in it’s own right and become more of a Build to Rent or Co Living Proposition?

The growing importance of the wellbeing agenda – physical and mental

How will the Sector promote innovators and disruptors and what ideas do we have?

Striking the balance on affordability: Which matters more – Cost v Facilities

How are construction methods evolving and where does this fit with the overall design?

What advantages are there from modern materials and off-site manufacture?

How do we incorporate technology into the supply chain for off site manufacture and where are we now?

Samantha Veal, Chief Executive, uliving

Tracey Smith, Business Development Director, Sodexo

Brian Welsh, Chief Executive, Nido

Andrew Waugh, Founder & Director, Waugh Thistleton Architects

Nick Riley, Head of Student Housing, Whittam Cox Architects (Chair)
(Each Panellist, including Nick, will present one slide at the start of the session. This can represent something that you see as a key aspect in the future market (think 10 years from now) eg technology, design, operation, student related, evolution of product. It is completely up to you what it is, and it can be something real, prototype or you own idea! Anything goes, disruptors encouraged, and how you interpret this is up to you. You’ll have a couple of minutes to explain the slide at the beginning of the session and it’s a chance to be very innovative!)



Looking at the Global Opportunity – The Indian Student Housing Market Case Study
Understanding the Market in India, how large is it, what is it’s potential and where is it gathering momentum?
Why are investors interested in the market and who is involved?

What does the product look like in India and what are Students looking for?
What is the long term Investment Potential of the Indian Market?

Rajeev Bairathi, Executive Director & Head of Capital Markets, Knight Frank India



How do You Build a truly Global Student Accommodation Portfolio & Brand?
What are the next big regions and Countries for the International Investors and Operators to Look at?

Is a Global Portfolio the real long term opportunity?

What are the key factors moving forward in futureproofing such a portfolio?

Tim Mitchell, Head of Global Real Estate, Global Student Accommodation (GSA)



Understanding how to Build a Large-Scale UK Student Housing Portfolio and Brand

What is required in terms of Operation and Investment Management when it comes to a larger portfolio?

Where are the next big opportunities in the UK?

Rob Roger, CEO, IQ Student Accommodation



Questions for Rajeev, Tim and Rob


4.20pm – Close and Networking Drinks Session for speakers and attendees – Sponsored by JLL


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This event is also eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit 

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Student Housing 2018

The leading players in the sector expected on 15th May for the Annual Student Conference

Student Housing

The 9th Annual National Student Housing Conference returns on 15th May.....

Student Housing Conference

Record numbers expected for Student Housing 2018 on 15th May #StudentConference #LDEProperty